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Potomac LabWorx provides experts on demand. Our mission is to take on the essential tasks that clutter your business day thereby freeing you up to take on your scientific challenges.


Inspection, Preventative Maintenance & Certification  (IPMC)

The Inspection, Preventative Maintenance and Certification (IPMC) group performs inspections on a wide range of laboratory equipment. The inspection team works onsite at your location, onsite at a seller’s location, offers a pick-up service (within certain distances from our facilities), or mail-in services. Expedited services are available for additional fees. Certain equipment may not qualify for expedited services.

Procurement & Consulting (PC)

The Procurement and Consulting (PC) group will act as your procurement team. Whether you need one piece of equipment or are looking to acquire an entire facility worth of equipment, the PCL group will work with your team throughout the whole project. The PCL group will help you identify qualifying equipment by manufacture or specification, work through budgetary planning and financing, equipment location and evaluation, calculate shipping costs, perform inspection, schedule repairs, schedule delivery, and schedule installation.


Build-Out & Decommissioning (BD)

The Buildout and Decommissioning (BD) group works with our clients to plan and execute a laboratory buildout to your specifications. We work directly with our clients and building owners.
Laboratory buildouts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. We work in new construction as well as renovation spaces. Many of our clients need current laboratory environments modified based on new requirements and/or protocol.
Many of our clients are working with a general contractor, a building owner, or both. We have a solid track record of bridging the gap between science and construction companies.



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