Our goal is to help new labs to get off the ground and startup strongly and successfully. Our mission is to provide variety of services that facilitate the startup process by giving you all the help and the information you need to start your lab successfully. We have developed a large network of complimentary service providers that include, but are not limited to, HVAC, bioanalytics, site selection, and general contractors that specialize in lab build-outs.  Through our wide network, we can help answer your questions and solve your problems before, during, and after you get settled in your new space.

We provide full consultation service to assist you in setting up your lab.  We understand that most businesses only setup or relocate every few years.  We help companies every day.  We will make suggestions and point out potential issues so that they can be addressed prior to construction or renovation. Some laboratories need to be relocated, expand, or make some major changes. We pride ourselves on leveraging our network of partners in order to expedite your project.  Our goal is to help keep you on schedule and on budget.

“Measure twice, cut once.”