Many labs see excess and decommissioned lab equipment as “just taking up room.”  Many times the perceived easiest solution is to just throw it away. However, that not the only way – recycling used lab equipment is an alternative way to free up space in your facility. Many labs have don’t know how to recycle unwanted laboratory equipment so they just trash it.  The overwhelming majority of our clients have a genuine desire to “do the right thing” however may of them do not have a quick and reliable method of getting rid of excess equipment.

Many scientific companies are aiming to meet their sustainability goals by guiding their scientists to utilize recycling programs. We assist small to medium sized labs by establishing a simple program.  We assist large organization by working with their EH&S group and provide recycling weights and measures for their our success matrix.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, only 28% of disposed electronics are collected for recycling—the rest ends up in landfills

Most laboratory pieces of equipment have a mixture of  different materials, including metals that can be recovered and reused.

Please contact us if you need any help recycling your excess equipment.